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  • Super Sharp physics STEM gaming gbl edtech mobile kids teaching learningSuper Sharp: A Kids’ Physics-Based Puzzler Game   Today we have a tricky little physics-based game to share, Super Sharp. This one starts off easy, but gets more difficult with every level...and some of them are really challenging! This game will get your kids thinking very critically about ...
  • ELMO document cameraELMO – Breaking the Mold in EdTech Hardware   A Royal Report from Balefire Labs   By Ken Royal, Advisory Board ELMO is a 90-year old education technology company that is affectionately referred to as the "grandfather" of the classroom document camera. Today, ELMO is diversifying beyond the document camera, breaking the ...
  • boy science imageA Child White House Science-Advisory Committee?   By Ray Myers, Advisory Board I am not really that sure how to comment on what this all means, but I am fascinated about the concept of having child White House Science Advisors. Particularly since the one recommended by President Obama ...

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