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  • CC BY 2.0 Andri KoolmeMaking Virtual Reality for the Classroom REAL   A Royal Report from Balefire Labs by Ken Royal, Advisory Board Whenever I talk with someone about an education product that touts Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, or Augmented Intelligence (MR, AR, VR, or AI), they expect me to be awed ...
  • Turkey Target Thanksgiving math puzzler game kids edtech gamingBest Thanksgiving Learning Games for Kids   Wow. Finding good Thanksgiving games that actually have some learning value is no easy task! So many Thanksgiving games are "shooting" games...pilgrims shooting turkeys, turkeys shooting pilgrim, pilgrims and turkeys shooting each other...yikes! We've been beating the bushes and most of ...
  • Number hero math app education edtech mobile kids learning teaching ravensburger digitalBest New Kids’ Math Apps & Games of November 2016   Here we go with the best new math app reviews of November. Take a look and see what you think. We can't deny spending a lot of time playing Perfect Fit, the puzzler game at the end of the list!    Highlights ...

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