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  • ASUS Zenbo_1Hey, Where’s My Robot??   A Royal Report from Balefire Labs By Ken Royal, Advisory Board I was listening to talk radio the other day while stuck in traffic. Beautifully timed...right after the traffic update...was a story about flying cars. The host's commentary was along the lines, ...
  • Globaloria licensed CC BY-SA 3.0A Digital Divide That Keeps Widening?   By Ray Myers, Advisory Board Technology has certainly created many more opportunities for many more students to learn much more about the world around them. So why does the digital divide keep getting wider in many parts of the U.S.? I ...
  • Number Line 2 Todd Bowden math edtech kids teaching learningFractions, Decimals & Percentages for Kids with Number Line 2   Today's app of the day, Number Line 2, is a slick and simple math app that we really like. This one is easy to use, has straightforward math tasks and gives kids many, many opportunities to practice fractions, decimals and ...

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