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  • Wizdy Pets - Kids asthma educational game serious game edtech mobile kids scienceBest Kids’ Serious Games for Science   Today we're sharing our most highly rated serious games for science. What's a serious game? It's a game that lets kids learn about skills for real world problems in a safe, virtual environment. The idea is that the serious game ...
  • Disaster Detector Smithsonian Institution science serious game gaming gbl mobile edtech kids STEM teaching learningScience Serious Game for Kids: Disaster Detector   Today we have a really neat little serious game for kids from the Smithsonian Institute. Disaster Detector gives kids the opportunity to monitor weather for a variety of disasters and work to prevent damage in the towns where these disasters ...
  • boys on computerLet’s Make America Great Again – Connect All Schools to the Internet   By Ray Myers, Advisory Board It's been almost twenty years since American schools began accessing funding to wire their schools though the federally funded e-Rate program administered by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Unfortunately, if you live in a poor rural area ...

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