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  • Licenced by CC BY 2.0Will the Internet Make Us Smarter and More Social?   By Ray Myers, Advisory Board Some people really seem to think that it will do these things. I have my doubts, as you may have guessed. Kenneth Goldsmith at the University of Pennsylvania proposes that it really will make us smarter ...
  • PocketPhonics Stories Free Apps in My Pocket edtech reading ELA phonics spelling mobile kids teaching learning homeschoolingKids’ ELA App of the Day: PocketPhonics Stories Free   Today we're featuring one of our all-time favorite phonics apps. Yes, we're talking about PocketPhonics Stories Free, which is the free trial version of the fully-featured PocketPhonic Stories. These two apps have both earned A+ grades, according to our research-based ...
  • One Laptop per Child, Haiti, CC BY 2.0Determining True Innovation and Value in EdTech   A Royal Report from Balefire Labs By Ken Royal, Advisory Board Education technology hasn't really gotten beyond the production of better digital "containers"...places to gather the tools and lessons needed for teaching and student learning. To be fair, in the last century, ...

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