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  • Inventioneers Filimundus gaming games gbl digital ed edtech kids teaching learning physics science puzzlesKids are Inventors in this Physics-Based Game   Today's app, Inventioneers, is just the thing for kids who are building their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. What kinds of crazy inventions can your kids create while having a bunch of fun? Find out by trying out the free version ...
  • CC BY 2.0 ccPics.comHow to Build EdTech Scalability in Schools   A Royal Report from Balefire Labs By Ken Royal, Advisory Board Scalability is not the coolest thing to write and read about, but it is the most important thing to consider when talking about district, school, and classroom technology. It took me ...
  • EarWizard Wizdom Music app edtech mobile kidsMusic Listening Skills for Kids’ in Ear Wizard App   Music isn't one of the primary categories for which we review, but we do like to include good music apps when we find them. And today we have one to share that we've liked for a long time, Ear Wizard. ...

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